With Kelly 

It is important that you read and agree to this policy 
Simply Sewing accepts no responsibility for personal injury or to loss or damage to personal property while attending a class, workshop or camp.

Regular seasonal and camp registration spaces are limited.  A  $75.00  non-refundable deposit is required at registration 15 days prior to start date of classes or camp. This provides the studio with the opportunity to fill the space from our waiting list. Seats cannot be reserved without a deposit. If a deposit is not received within the time required the seat will be made available to the next person on the waiting list.

A common form of payment is via e-transfer that can be made directly to the simplysewingwithkelly@gmail.com address. Other methods include cash payment or cheque. Cheques can be divided into 3 equal payments.
We do not accept credit cards.

Camp and Workshop Cancellation
Unlike regular classes a weekly summer or March break camp does not provide any make up time if a day is missed.
​Additional summer Sewing Camp Policy

Summer Camp pick Up & Drop Off
Unless otherwise arranged there is an allowance of 10 minutes on either end of the day for pick up or drop off of a student.

Missed classes during Fall, Winter and Spring sewing class sessions (excluding camps and  workshops)
Students can make up one (1) missed class per session. Simply Sewing wiill make the alternative date available within the session.  Please note that the studio is always open and is not subject to weather conditions however if the student is unable to attend due to inclement weather it will not count as their make up class.

Sept. to June sewing class Pick Up & Drop Off
Please be prompt in picking up and dropping off your child. Classes are closely scheduled together and there is little time to prepare and start subsequent classes.

Lunches and Snacks
Camps or workshops that cross mealtimes will include time to have a snack or eat meals that  the student brings with them.  Please note that Simply Sewing is not a nut free environment. 

Equipment & Supplies
The most important part of the sewing class is the sewing machine. All sewing machines are provided. They are state of the art machines in top running condition. Each student will have a machine to work with as well as access to cutting table, ironing board and irons, scissors and other general equipement. Use of equipment is all included in the class fee.
Students are requiredd to provide their own materials, notions and patterns and anything else specifically required for a particular project. These items are not included in the class fee.
Simply Sewing with Kelly is not responsible for purchases that are not suited to class needs for example inappropriate material, notions or equipment not required for class.

Health & Safety
Safety is emphasized in the studio.  You or  your child will be working with a variety of tools and equipment that ,if improperly used, could result in injury to the user or someone else in the class. All students are taught how to safely handle tools and equipment and are watched very closely to the best of the instructors ability. Any misuse or unsafe use of equipment or behaviour could result in expulsion.

You must inform the school prior to beginning class of any special medical requirements.

Parking & Street Traffic
PLEASE NOTE: The studio is located in a residential neighbourhood. To respect the neighbors, Do not turn around in neighbouring driveways. 
Please turnaround only on Culo St. , a short distance from the studio. 
You must park on the correct side of the street or YOU WILL BE TICKETED.  Look for the parking signs.
Do not park over the sidewalk or once again YOU WILL BE TICKETED.
Tickets are expensive but are avoidable when you  are aware of the which half of the month, to which side of the street you need to be on.